Posted by: spaghettipie | May 27, 2008

Financial dependence

For the first time in our marriage, my husband and I find ourselves required to closely monitor our budget each month. The timing of when certain checks clear our account actually matters, and we have to carefully orchestrated the movement of funds in and out of our bank.

Oddly enough, this place of dependence is refreshing to our walks with God. When decisions in life revolve more around which option we want, rather than which option can we afford (if any at all!), we can easily be seduced by the illusion of self-sufficiency. As we have scrutinized our spending habits more carefully, I realize what poor stewards we had become. I spent a lot of money on things just because I wanted them, with little regard for whether or not I needed them. (which sounds a lot like the same issue I struggle with when it comes to eating: simply pleasing my flesh.)

Despite our shortcomings, we’ve been amazed to see God’s provision in our lives and how he has honored our decision for me to stay at home with our daughter. I read recently someone calling it “God math” because when we look back on some of our income and expenses, we shouldn’t have made it. And yet, a published magazine article here, a bonus from work there, and all of our bills, PLUS some has been covered. Isn’t that just like God? He gives in abundance, not always “just enough.”

I love how God uses every relationship and situation in our lives to reveal an aspect of his character to us. For me, during this season I am seeing that he is dependable and he is abundant.

What do your finances teach you about who God is?


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