Posted by: spaghettipie | April 29, 2008

Stewardship Renewed

Hello all, and welcome back to Stewardship Living! As I mentioned, I have decided to revamp and refocus this blog. My hope is to provide you with more resources and more thoughts to reflect upon related to stewardship. I am always open to your suggestions!

Here’s my basic plan for posting. I’m continuing with a particular focus for each day, but I’m going to define the categories much more broadly. I’ll do my best to post three times a week.

Mondays – Stewarding our Bodies: Health-related topics, recipes, meal plans, etc.

Tuesdays – Stewarding our Resources: Organizing tips, environmental issues, green resources, financial thoughts, etc.

Thursdays – Stewarding our Relationships: Family building activities, marriage and parenting resources, devotional thoughts, etc.

I look forward to exploring these topics with you! Off we go!



  1. Welcome back. I’m excited to read more!

  2. C – Thanks, glad to be back!

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