Posted by: spaghettipie | April 29, 2008

Grocery Shopping and Money Management

I recently heard the following statistics:

For every minute over 30 minutes that you spend shopping in the grocery store, you spend an average of 50 cents more per minute.

Shoppers without a grocery list spend on average 40% more than those who go with a list.

On average, shoppers spend $14 per “quick trip” in to the grocery store to grab just a couple items.

I hadn’t really thought about that kind of statistics before, but it makes total sense to me. Supermarkets rely on impulse buys, utilizing those end cap and checkout displays wisely. I’ve gone into a grocery store numerous times and come out with more than what was on my list, just because I received a good deal or the product looked good.

In an effort to be good stewards of our money, we would do well to prepare in advance for going to the grocery store. Make a list, and stick to it. Cut down on those quick trips for forgotten items. Menu plan so you know exactly what you need.

Just some initial thoughts. Anyone else have some to add?



  1. Those are interesting statistics. I always have a list, but usually end up with a few extra items. I really dislike “quick trips” for one or two things so avoid them as much as possible!

  2. C – I absolutely agree, and yet “quick trips” creep into my life very quickly when I am not diligent with my menu planning and very intentional in my grocery shopping.

  3. I actually rather do the quick trips than the bulk shopping. Probably cause im a student and dont own a car (and dont need it hee in germany). But these seem to be some really interesting statistics. Coincedentally almost everytime i go with a list in my head of the things i want to buy and stick to it, i spend less then when i just go buy “something”.

    So i guess the statistics are true and now i just have to be prepared all the time 😉


  4. […] decisions. We could free up frivolous spending in areas we don’t even realize are excessive (incidental runs to the grocery store, anyone?) and put that toward other causes that are […]

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