Posted by: spaghettipie | January 14, 2008

Stewardship Living Idea #8: Right Here

I’m back to my Stewardship Living series this week, as I get back onto a regular schedule. What I wanted to think about this week was the idea of being a good steward of our place in life. God puts us in certain places – whether a job, a family, a culture, or even specific situations – for a reason. I sometimes have a tendency to be focused so much on whether or not I like where I am, that I miss out on understanding that reason I am there. True, we don’t always know the exact reason, but we will always learn something and grow in our walk if we approach “right here” with a grateful heart. The very process allows us to deepen in our faith because we must trust that God is sovereign and that He loves us.

I probably think about this most when times are difficult, but the same certainly applies to when times are easy. We can’t rest on our laurels then, feeling complacent and self-reliant. We need to think about how we can be a good steward of where God currently has us, knowing He entrusts to us every moment that He allow us to continue to walk on this earth.

What have you learned about being a good steward of the “right here”?



  1. I often fail to be “present in the present.” But lately, I’ve enjoyed being 33 and single and have recognized how much “free” time I have at my disposal. One practical application: I’ve used my “free” time to host events at my home because it takes the load off mothers and wives who would likely have to make provisions for their husband or children.

  2. First of all, Alyssa, you have truly hit on a great way to minister to other women!! Bless you for seeing that opportunity and then following through with such a beautiful attitude!! Spaghettipie, it is so funny that you posted this because just this morning I had a conversation with my 11 yr. old about the phrase “today is your best day”. Since she is home sick and missing school, she thinks it really is true. The phrase comes off of a cheesy Christian calendar I passed along to her, but it opened a conversation with her about how every day that God grants us breath gives us the potential of being our best day because He has something for us to learn and/or do for the praise of His glory. Otherwise, He would just bring us home to Him. Ok, so now I get to go put my actions where my mouth is and enjoy my “best day” of disinfecting the house instead of the Bible Study and lunch plans I originally thought I would be enjoying at this point. (:

  3. A – I definitely see you using your stage of life to serve others. I enjoy watching you and know it’s a true blessing to those who benefit.

    MEH – great object lesson. how did it go putting it into practice?

  4. Welcome back!

    I’m going to give this some more thought. I like what you said about being a good steward of where God has us.

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