Posted by: spaghettipie | December 19, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday (#9)


Yet another late post, but I have definitely been doing some tackling around here.

1) We’re adding a couple major pieces (like a piano) to our home which is creating a ripple effect in our furniture. I think every room has some substantial piece of furniture moving into or out of it (or both), except my daughter’s room. Some of those pieces are being used in a new way, so that requires cleaning them out. I finished a couple of those pieces on Monday, which leads to the next item . . .

2) I reclaimed my kitchen and living room. I think my house threw up all over those two rooms this past week. In part, it got out of control because I was really busy with managing a community event. The other reason is because of #1 above. You know how it goes: sometimes cleaning stuff out makes things a lot worse before it actually gets better. I can now see my kitchen counters and my living room floor, which leads to the next item .  . .

3) Since my kitchen is no longer in turmoil, and I’m not out running around like crazy managing that event, I can finally get back to cooking. I made my menu plan and finally went grocery shopping today. Thank goodness we finally have good, healthy food again!

3) Lastly, as part of the great clean out we are throwing out all of our CD and DVD cases. I bought some big, notebook-style CD holders and reorganized all of our CDs into them. I finally finished that tonight. We have a lot of stinking CDs.

So, what did you tackle this week? Read about more at 5 Minutes for Mom.


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