Posted by: spaghettipie | December 5, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday (#9)


Sorry to be a day late with this post!

A long time ago, I created a space for my daughter’s toys in a corner of my living room. I wanted to give her some personal space to play that was still nearby. But as she grew, her toys grew in size and in number until my living room constantly felt like the aftermath of an explosion.

Our dining room is within visual range from our living room, and we rarely use it even when we host parties. I’ve been talking about turning it into a playroom for some time now but just haven’t gotten around to trying it out. We finally made the move this past weekend. Here are the reasons why:

1) I want my daughter to have her own space to play.

2) I want to be somewhat close to her, so I can keep an eye on her and be immediately accessible if she needs me urgently.

3) I wanted her space to be away from the television.

4) I needed to reclaim my living room!

Here’s a shot of her new “playground,” as she calls it.  (Well, photobucket is down, so I’ll have to post the picture later.

How do you create space for your children?

For more inspiring projects, visit 5 Minutes for Mom.



  1. we used to keep toys in the living room as well and it was always like Christmas was puking in our living room every day…so their space is in their bedrooms…and the dining room…and kitchen…no…wait…what were we talking about…i got distracted by all the toys.

  2. I have a large closet downstairs with folding doors. All of the children’s toys are in it. They can open it up and go crazy but all of the toys have to be put away when they are done. When they were really young I also had a space for their toys in the livingroom but as they grew I to wanted to reclaim my livingroom space as well.

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