Posted by: spaghettipie | November 21, 2007

WFMW: A gift of prayer

wfmwheader.jpg I love to pray for other people. But sometimes I find myself saying I’ll pray for someone, and then I run into them again and realize not only did I not remember to pray for them, but I don’t even remember what the request was.

In response to that, a year or so ago when someone emailed me a prayer request, I often emailed them right back with the prayer I prayed upon receiving their request . . . written out. And because I prayed immediately and wrote it down, I also tended to remember to pray for that request more often.

Recently, I ventured into a new arena with my written prayers. It began with me writing a note to someone, and in typical me-fashion, failing to mail it. In fact, I took so long that I actually wrote a little update on the note itself as additional events in that person’s life unfolded in the meantime. When I was about to add to the note for the third time, I decided to write it in a journal instead. What followed after that note was a prayer, and then a commitment to continue praying until the journal was filled. Seeing the journal on my kitchen counter reminds me to continue to go to the Father on her behalf. Writing my prayers down helps me stay focused and, truthfully, consistent. When I’m finished, I will send the journal to her.

I enjoy doing this so much that I have started another journal specifically with prayers for my family. I’ve also embarked upon a couple shorter-term gifts. I committed to pray (to myself) for the son of a friend for a week, and then I gave her the seven pages of prayers at the end of the week.

When you’re considering gift-giving this Christmas (or otherwise), perhaps a gift of prayer would be appropriate. Don’t take on so many people that it becomes meaningless – just words on a paper. Pray about whether or not it is the right response, but definitely consider it as an option. Your gift could be the actual prayers or a commitment to pray for a specific period of time. Regardless, it’s a great reminder to use our words to pray for people in our lives.

For more Works for Me Wednesday tips, visit Rocks in My Dryer.



  1. This is great. And what a blessing to go back through and read them and see what the Lord has done!

  2. Such a lovely idea. Found your blog via WFMW. Glad I did.

  3. MC – That’s one of my favorite parts, too!
    TP – Glad you found me, and hopefully found some useful information around here.

  4. Spaghettipie, as someone who has received one of your prayers in response to a request I can vouch for how meaningful it is. Years ago, I started an album of prayer for our family. It isn’t artsy or fancy at all and mostly just has family style requests, not individual requests. What it is, is amazing to look back at those 3×5 cards with requests and see the answers God has given to us as a family. I need to do better at updating it! And D has a close friend who prays for him each year all year long. Around the new year, D will receive a couple of sheets of paper mostly filled with dates, but occasionally there will be a little notation showing a specific request D had asked for, an answer, or even something God has layed on his heart to pray for D. Good for you to pursue stewardship in your prayer life and thanks for highlighting it so that I am encouraged to do the same!

  5. Love this idea! Could be great for a scrapbook idea too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. MEH – I’m glad they meant something and I love the simplicity of your 3X5 cards. I might have to copy that!

    BIME – It would be a great scrapbooking idea! Glad you stopped by.

  7. It’s sad how easily we can be flippant about prayer. And yet it’s the way we talk directly to the Creator of the universe!

    My solution to the problem you describe has been to pray as soon as someone asks me to remember them in prayer. I try to remember to pray for them later, too.

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