Posted by: spaghettipie | November 16, 2007


We sat in our front yard with a bucket full of various bottles of paint. With paintbrush in hand and a plastic plate for a palette, my daughter created her latest masterpiece on the side of a cardboard box. Suddenly, either tired of the paintbrush or struck with creative inspiration, she stuck her hand in the paint, swished it around . . . and began to paint her leg. “Oh, let’s not waste it, honey. Paint on the paper.” And then I looked at the total delight on her face. And I looked at the full bucket of paint. I stopped myself from saying anything else. We weren’t wasting the paint; we were making fun memories.

No more than an hour later, we sat in the garage blowing bubbles. I had dug out a bin stuffed with bubbles and bubble blowing paraphernalia from her first birthday party. We ran the electric bubble blower and took turns blowing bubbles from round wands, heart-shaped wands, pipes, submarines, and bees. I had poured some bubble solution into a shallow dish, but my daughter longed to hold a bottle of bubbles herself. I avoided her request for a few minutes because I didn’t want her to get too messy. I finally relented, and as expected, within a couple minutes she was pouring it onto the concrete, rubbing her hands in it to create suds, and giggling with glee. I nearly scolded her for wasting bubble solution, and then I looked around me. Surrounding us were no less than fifteen bottles of bubbles, and they cost what . . .about thirty cents each? We could spare a couple bottles of solution. What was I saving it for, if not to enjoy?

Those two instances on that Saturday morning caused me to reflect on my attitude about stewardship. I realized that being a good steward is not about saving every penny. It’s not about hoarding resources or giving up everything. Being a good steward is about managing what has been entrusted to me well. God wants us to live abundant lives. We can’t learn about abundance by being miserly with our talents, resources, time, or money. Sometimes that means being a little extravagant with some bubbles and paint because of the sheer delight it brings. Certainly this requires balance. We did not pour out every bottle of bubbles. But sometimes we need to let go a little and just enjoy life.

Are you experiencing His abundance?



  1. I appreciate your reflections so much! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Tina,

    This is the great start to an article you should write. Email me and I’ll send you a magazine that may buy it!!!!

    Love the new look.

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