Posted by: spaghettipie | November 15, 2007

Stewardship Spotlight #1

I found Carrie’s blog because she responded to my Works for Me Wednesday post on going green. She has a ton of great, simple ideas to get started. Then I read more about her passion for stewardship (even in the name of her blog: With All That I’ve Been Given), and I was so encouraged by her words that I added her to my bloglines reader immediately.

When I came up with the idea of interviewing people, of course she came to mind. I thought she would be a great way to kickoff my revamped site with our focus this week on stewardship in general.

So without further ado, here’s Carrie:

Tell me a little bit about yourself, Carrie. Anything you might want us to know.
I became a Christian at a young age and have a wonderful family. After growing up in Colorado, I attended college in Iowa. My degree was in secondary English education, and I taught 8th grade language arts for one year back in my hometown. I then returned to my alma mater to serve as director of a women’s dorm (loved that job!) and met and married my husband here. Though we both were raised in cities, we love small-town life. We have an 11-month-old son, and an English springer spaniel. My hobbies are reading, homemaking, blogging and crafts.

So what does stewardship mean to you and why is it important?
Stewardship to me is what my blog title suggests–it’s being aware of all that I’ve been given and doing my best to manage, cultivate and share it. A grateful heart is honoring to God, and there are many verses in the Bible about using money wisely and serving others with our gifts.

How and when did you begin this journey into intentionally trying to be a good steward with your life?
My mom has been a role model for me in this area. She has been committed to service, simplicity and being green before these things were in vogue and raised us to be thankful and conscientious.

I can’t think of a single turning point or epiphany moment on my stewardship journey, it’s more just something I’m growing into. I would say in the last couple of years I have been making a more intentional effort, and I’ve discovered it’s something I’m passionate about!

What are a couple examples of how you’ve changed as a result of shifting your mindset to becoming more stewardship-focused?
One way I’ve changed is constant awareness. I’m always thinking, “How can I do this better? How can I reduce, reuse, recycle?”

Other examples: buying less, buying secondhand, establishing a monthly budget, reducing disposable items, leading a middle school girls’ small group, evaluating how I spend my time.

If someone wanted to become more stewardship-minded, but didn’t know how to begin, what would you advise?
I’m all about small changes that add up over time. If I set a goal that’s too high, I become frustrated and may quit. But taking little steps is the way to go! There are many areas of stewardship (money, time, gifts), so I think you start with what’s important to you and begin modifying. If you want to be more “green,” start recycling or taking reusable bags to the store. If your finances need some attention, take a step by writing down all of your expenses (so eye-opening!) or cutting down on (not necessarily eliminating) frivolous purchases or eating out. Being more mindful is a comprehensive approach to stewardship–we often buy stuff or throw things away without really even thinking about it!

Since I’ll be posting this on Thursday, my recipe-posting day, would you mind sharing a favorite recipe?
I have high expectations for recipes that are in constant rotation at our house: quick, easy, healthy/nutritionally balanced, inexpensive, and of course delicious! Here’s a favorite that meets all of those criteria: Chicken Stir-Fry

Thanks, Carrie for a great interview! Be sure to check out Carrie’s recipe, as well as her blog.

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  1. Thanks so much, Tina! I’m linking right away!

  2. Great interview! I love Carrie


  3. Thanks for the interview! Carrie’s blog is wonderful and full of useful information. I really appreciate her heart.

  4. That resonates with me… small changes over time. For this reason, it can be difficult to suggest a path to another person. Mine began in the food aisle. Someone else’s might start at the bank.

  5. C – Thanks for a great interview!

    K – Thanks for stopping by. She’s a neat gal, isn’t she?

    A – I agree she has a great heart and a very useful blog.

    LL – That’s the way it has to be to truly make an impact, isn’t it? You have to begin with a place that’s meaningful to you. Such great advice.

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