Posted by: spaghettipie | November 13, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday (#6)


First, let me talk a little bit about why I post these projects each week. One instigator of my journey into holistic stewardship was my friend Ted’s focus on simplicity. In thinking about all we have, I realize that I stockpile useless and unwanted items, and what I do have is hard to find. Everything in my home does not have a place, but I aspire for that sense of order. So I began taking photographs of little projects I wanted to finish and holding myself accountable by posting them on my blog. Soon after that, I found Tackle it Tuesday and began participating. I feel like simplifying my “stuff” is a step toward good stewardship and keeping it organized is manging my resources well.

As with Menu Plan Mondays, I’ll try to explain my approach to these various projects in addition to just posting about them. Always feel free to ask me any questions!

For this week, I really need to catch up on my email. I currently have 258 messages in my inbox alone (and honestly, I just cleaned it out last week!). I also need to find a better way to manage my email so I respond to people in a timely manner, but don’t spend all day on email. Any suggestions are definitely welcome. I’ll post an update later today with my approach and progress.

For more interesting tackles, check out 5 Minutes for Mom (direct link forthcoming).



  1. 258? Holy cow, girl!!!

  2. Come on over and see if you can help me out with my tackle tasks! Have a good Tuesday!


  3. LM – Yes, and unfortunately that tackle didn’t work out so well. I didn’t feel good yesterday, and now I’m up to 268. And I even answered some 😦

    D – Thanks for stopping by. Looks like you had a good tackle, too.

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