Posted by: spaghettipie | November 12, 2007

Stewardship Living Idea #4: Stewardship and Faith

I had a revelation in church this morning. My journey into living life recognizing that I am steward of all that’s been given to me is more about my journey as a Christian than about just being a steward. I can be a good steward, even without being a Christian. And certainly that is a noble effort. But connected to a relationship with the Lord of the Universe, it becomes an amazing concept.

In fact, if I practice stewardship apart from a relationship with God, it will eventually turn into obsessive pride, leading to condescension and judgment. I’ve already noticed my attraction to doing more and more things that would be considered good stewardship on the surface, but that I’d only be doing for the sake of looking like good stewardship.

Take coupons, for example. I could easily see myself becoming obsessed with saving money using coupons, not for the sake of manging my money wisely so I can use it for things that further God’s kingdom, but for the ability to boast about how much I’ve saved. Or I might begin finding my satisfaction in knowing I’m smart enough to utilize them effectively. (By no means am I saying it’s wrong to use coupons or to be proud of what you’ve saved. I simply mean for me, I can see how it could turn into something other than stewardship.)

Or consider the environment for a moment. I might make a list a mile long of the things we are doing to better care for our environment, and I could easily begin to see myself as a better steward of the environment than others who do not accomplish such lists. I might even become judgmental of those who are not doing similar things. I don’t now, but practicing stewardship disconnected from my faith could lead me to that place. (I would never, ever want someone to come to this blog, read about our journey, and feel condemnation. I hope that what you find is encouragement, ideas, and inspiration.)

So my revelation this morning was this: for me, learning that I am a steward and striving to be a good one is synonymous with learning to let God own every square inch of my life. Our pastor this morning said that God wants us to relationally connect the truth of who God is to every square inch of our lives. We should ask of everything, “God, how are you connected to this?” That’s exactly what I’m realizing as I ponder stewardship more and more. God, in His abundance, has entrusted me with life. (Reminds me of mission of The High Calling!) And not just any life; an exciting, awe-filled, wonderful, abundant life. He bought me at a high price: His only Son. He doesn’t force my attention, but He desires to give me so much more than I could ever imagine if I would center my life on Him alone. Being a good steward is first recognizing that this life – it’s not mine. And then living in light of that. Being a Christian is about the same thing.

I can’t disconnect stewardship and faith. With this new insight, I’m really excited to see where my journey will lead. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!



  1. Great insights, T. I agree that the two are connected–stewardship is much more purposeful that way!

  2. C – Isn’t it? I don’t think I’d stay motivated to do anything if I didn’t have a higher purpose in it all. I’d just get tired.

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