Posted by: spaghettipie | November 6, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday (#5)

Here’s a tackle that has been on my to-do list for quite some time: Clean out the pantry. I actually reorganize the pantry fairly regularly, but I’ve never taken the time to actually pull everything out, clean the shelves and walls, and reorganize, too.

Here’s the before: Notice everything helter-skelter and crammed everywhere. Utter chaos.

Here’s the after: Now I’m afraid some of you may think it still looks terrible, but I organized by type of food, I threw away a bunch of old food and recycled empty boxes, and I actually have a place for everything rather than cramming stuff into every nook and cranny. Plus, I see white space!

Find more projects at 5 Minutes for Mom. (direct link forthcoming; I’m a little early.)



  1. I haven’t been to this new sight yet, and I LOVE it! Thanks for all the good thinking and writing and especially all the good ideas.

  2. you did a beautiful job!! I want some of those peppermint patties 🙂

  3. My daughter has taken it upon herself lately to do the same sort of organizing in our refrigerator. Should I be pleased that she’s taking an interest, or insulted that she’s reorganizing me?

  4. Ha ha ha! I can relate to worrying that someone may think that my *tackled tackle* is clearly *untackled*. Let me be the first to say…. I say tomato, you say tomaahto.
    Your pantry looks fantastic!!! I want your crockpot. I just LOVE crockpots and can’t find one big enough for my crew.


  5. T,

    Great job. I need to tackle the same project. Here’s to hoping you’ve provided some motivation!

  6. CS – Thanks for stopping and I’m glad you like it. You were a BIG part of inspiring my stewardship journey.

    AMTG – Those peppermint patties were for a brownie recipe I made a while back (I should post it soon!). I bought them at Sam’s, and let’s just say I had WAY more than enough for what I needed. And can you believe they actually tout the fact that they are LOW FAT? Ha!

    FFF – Be pleased all the way! Take all the help you can get. 🙂

    B – That Rival crockpot is awesome. It’s big enough for a whole chicken. It also came with a divided bowl that allows you to make two separate things at once. You definitely need one!

    C – I’ll look forward to seeing YOUR tackled pantry next week, then!

  7. Looks a lot better to me! 🙂 Great job. That is something that I need to do too. My kids get in there, and spill oatmeal. Plus, I have droped baby food jars twice. I am sure there is broken glass lurking around.

  8. Ah, I bet that felt great! I can see improvement on the floor, which always makes a difference. Good for you.

  9. It does look better, great job!!!

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