Posted by: spaghettipie | November 5, 2007

Stewardship Living Idea #3: Small steps

When you start to think about holistic stewardship, it may seem overwhelming. Many people have read our list of things we are implementing and focusing on and commented that they just can’t do all of them. My advice is this: start small. Think about what works for you in the stage of life you’re in, and then do that. My list should not look the same as your list. It’s great to share ideas, but decide what works for you when it comes to implementing. And don’t try to tackle everything at once. Brainstorm a handful of ideas, and do them well. When you have those down, then try some more. You can have something big on the list, of course, but make sure it makes sense. Don’t just do something to do it.

Ideal Bite has some great ideas for starting small in going green. Carrie has some great, small ideas on stewardship, too. And of course, you can find plenty of other places for inspiration. You can see our complete list of goals, but a few that have made a big impact include the following list: 1) Using cloth napkins and cleaning cloths. Seriously, we’re still on our second roll of paper towels since the end of August! 2) Turning off lights, unused electronics, and shutting the refrigerator door. 3) Turning the thermostat up one degree during the summer and down one degree during the winter. We try to do other things to cool off/warm up before adjusting the thermostat. Before we knew it, we were used to the degree change and could adjust it again. 4) When possible, walking instead of using the car.

Just a few ideas that are easy to implement. I’d love for you to share your small steps for being a good stewards, too!



  1. Using cloth napkins reminds me of the competition that my grandma instigated for her 3 kids back in the “olden days” when washing was more work then it is today and napkins were ironed. Each child had one cloth napkin for the entire week. Whoever had the cleanest napkin at the end of the week won a prize of some sort. I cringe to think what the state of my kids napkins would be at the end of a week, regardless of prizes and their naturally competitive natures!

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you my “small step”. Our trach pick up doesn’t recycle up here (crazy isn’t it?) but we are saving up all our papers and taking it to the big bin at the kids school. It takes more effort, but I feel a little bit better about our trash situation.

  3. Great ideas! I’m totally into small steps–they’re much easier to implement, and when added together make a BIG difference!

  4. MEH – Thanks for your idea (the recycle one, not the napkin one – I’m not sure what I think about that one!)

    C – You’re great at taking small steps. I get lots of ideas from your blog.

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