Posted by: spaghettipie | October 19, 2007

10-20-30 Virus

Okay, Mary DeMuth over at relevantblog (aka the Mother Ship) has created her very own meme as a sort of blogging experiment. I’ll tag a few people, but if you’re reading this, join the fun regardless. Answer the question, tag a few people and then go leave a comment on Mary’s blog to let her know you played and how you found out about it.

Here we go!

Quick: What were you doing ten, twenty and thirty years ago? (I’ll add a stewardship spin on this, too, since that’s what this blog is all about!)

Ten years ago: I was in Madrid, Spain spending my junior year of college. That year was a pivotal time for me in developing who I am today and particularly in redefining my walk with the Lord. It was also my first experience abroad and stirred within me a passion for other cultures and other places. I truly began to have a world-view, rather than just a US-centric (or even my specific community-centric) view. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, this has greatly influenced my desire to be a good steward of my resources. Having a global view of life makes me realize how fortunate I am and the responsibility that comes with it.

Twenty years ago: I was in 5th grade, finally transitioning out of elementary school. Fifth grade is the first time I changed classes and had multiple teachers. I had the best homeroom teacher ever, and I still remember her name and can picture her face. I thought I would be an architect when I grew up. Actually, at ten years old, I believed I could be anything I wanted to be. Now, I know that’s not true. I can’t be anything I want to be; but I can be everything God calls me to be. At that age, I’m not sure I really knew much about stewardship other than tithing.

Thirty years ago: Well, thirty years ago I was an infant! We still lived in Hawaii (sadly, I don’t remember any of it), and I’m sure I was an angel. And yea, I’d say I was more of a consumer than a producer, so that wasn’t really in balance. Wait, on second thought, I probably was balanced in those two areas. I mean, all babies do is sleep, eat (consume) and poop! (that’s considered production, right?)

Okay, so here’s who I’m tagging: Carrie, Craver, gandalf, Karen, Marcus, MEH, Kellie, LL, Llama Momma, SAHMmy,



  1. Thanks for being a part, Tina. It’s cool you tied your stuff into the theme of your blog.

  2. Oooh–fun tag. I’ll have to think on that and will post in a few days.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    I’m printing off your chicken delicious recipe right now. Just a note, relevant to your stewardship desire (common with mine), I usually decrease the amount of meat in recipes by half. For 3-4 servings, I use just 2 chicken breasts.

  3. SO fun! I think I will do this on Sunday!


  4. Owning an energy-efficient dishwasher that always runs fully loaded is great, but air-drying your dishes after the wash cycle can further reduce power use. Reducing the number of dishes you use will create even greater savings. And what about your dish soap? Is it biodegradable? Accounting for the natural consequences of our decisions can be a full-time job.

  5. Hey! Thanks for tagging me. I didn’t realize you had until I saw in my WordPress dashboard that you linked to me! Otherwise I never would have known!
    I “answer” my memes on Sunday, so look for my post then! 🙂

  6. RG – Of course. I had fun participating.
    C – Will look forward to reading it.
    K – How was your run?
    GL – Thanks for the tips.
    K – Yea, I forgot to email/comment on your blog. Glad you saw it!

  7. Spain? Oh, so THAT’s why you talk funny. 😉

    Sorry for arriving late to the party…

  8. C – Glad you made it! *hands him a party hat* Yeth, that would be why. 🙂

  9. Mrs. Craver‘s family is from Bolivia, but she has an uncle who lives in Spain. He is so culturally refined, but ith thtill funny to hear him thpeak thpanish. (I haven’t told him that I think it’s funny, ’cause that would just be mean.)

    Every Square Inch wanted to go one more decade, so I answered him on Mark Goodyear‘s blog.

    Thanks for the party hat. I love wearing these things.

  10. Oh, sorry I missed this earlier. (Especially because I didn’t hear about the industrious baby life sooner!) I’ll link to you in my Bridges to the Past post, then.

  11. C – I like that party hat, I do! I do! (you know where that’s from, right?)

    LL – No problem. I forgot to actually tell people I tagged them, so they’ve just “discovered” it on their own. 🙂

  12. Sorry, I don’t. I’m having a memory lapse. Where is it from?

  13. Ah, Craver. It’s from Go Dog, Go! by PD Eastman. But I’m sure you haven’t read that one to your kids in a while, so I’ll excuse you this time . . .

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