Posted by: spaghettipie | October 15, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday (#3)

My mom is going to kill me for posting this one, but here was my tackle for the week: laundry.

If you’re like me, sometimes I forget to do the laundry. That is, until we run out of clean clothes to wear, and then I realize that every stitch of clothing we own is in the hamper (or overflowing onto our closet floor.) So let’s just say I do a couple, um, a few, okay a LOT of laundry yesterday and today.

So here’s a rather dark before:

Laundry overflowing in the folding holding area (aka the couch)

Folded laundry in neat piles waiting to be put away (although don’t ask me if I’ve done that part yet.)

Check out more completed projects over at 5 Minutes for Mom!



  1. What a fantastic tackle!!
    Very realistic. *wink*

    Blessings, Beckie :o)

  2. I hate putting laundry away! We often have six or seven baskets sitting around…and the question is always: are these clean or dirty? Ugh…

  3. I don’t mind doing the laundry. Or even folding it. It’s the putting away part that I hate!
    Great job getting it done. Good luck getting it put away!

  4. AAh, those days are gone for me, at least until my son in college brings clothes home for me on the weekend! Since both boys are gone I can now actually see my laundry room floor and look for things to wash LOL
    I am up here Tackle It Tuesday

  5. Been there! I’m on a pretty good system right now of doing a load every day or every other day, but, there have been times when it seems like every piece of clothes we own is dirty. Good job with getting caught up!

  6. I am now reminded that one of the perks of being single is only having to do two loads of laundry once a week!

  7. B – Thanks for stopping by!
    LM – Yea, when I dumped our laundry in the guest bedroom, it used to turn into a second closet. That’s why the couch is a little more effective for me.
    K – I agree. That’s why my husband and I have a deal: I wash and fold, he puts away.
    AD – Oh, so there’s hope that it slows down?
    A – Sometimes I can do that, but usually I just get distracted by other things.
    A – Don’t I wish!

  8. Good grief! The machines do most of the work!!!!

  9. Mom – Machine? You know that in my quest for stewardship we swore off our machines and now I take our clothes down to the river and beat our clothes on the rocks. 🙂

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