Posted by: spaghettipie | October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Isn’t it an amazing concept to join in one voice with tens of thousands of people around the world?  I’m not exactly sure what will happen as a result of Blog Action Day, but what I do know is that it won’t be nothing.

In my quest to become a better steward of what I’ve been entrusted, I must consider the environment. For me, going green isn’t about doing something trendy or even just saving the earth. It’s about seeing what God created as amazing, valuable and worth caring for. It’s about being conscientious about what we’re doing to this gift of a home, not just taking it for granted. It’s about preserving a picture of who God is, not allowing it to be defaced or covered up.

So what can you do? First, you have to begin in your head. Change your perspective. View your surroundings through a different lens. It’s not just about living better (although that’s an excellent by-product), it’s about honoring the Creator. Next, figure out what small changes you can make. You don’t have to turn your life upside down or make some major expenditures. The small changes add up, and if everyone around the world made a small change, well, that would be huge!action_728x90.jpg


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