Posted by: spaghettipie | October 12, 2007

Stewardship takes Time

I started out fairly gung-ho about this process of becoming better stewards. I was excited, I felt good about what we were doing, and I was proud of the changes we were making. Then I began to notice our normal, busy life again, and I was reminded by why those convenience products sucked us in in the first place: they are convenient! It’s just plain handy to use disposable products sometimes. It’s easier not think about wasting energy by leaving lights on, water running, or refrigerator doors open. It takes time to be a good steward. When I’m in a hurry, that’s when I tend to throw it all out the window. I want the shortcuts. I’m tempted to cheat. The difference now is that I truly think we’ve begun to shift our mindset. As LL noted in a previous comment, we see things as God’s creation and His gift to us. We view our resources as not our own but as resources entrusted to us to manage well. A little voice in the back of my mind speaks a little clearer, a little louder, reminding me that taking the time to be a good steward is worth the time.

I still relapse into old habits sometimes, but I’m re-learning. Good thing this is a journey!



  1. Good thoughts!

    While I haven’t embraced some changes because they feel really hard to me, (think cloth diapers, less paper towel use…) I believe we are to consider carefully our stewardship of the resources God has given us.

    We’ve made some *big* changes that are no brainers: replaceing our bulbs with fluorescent bulbs, getting new, energy efficient windows, replacing our furnace / A/C, signing up for milk delivery (wonderful, almost-organic milk delivered once a week in glass bottles). Once some of these things are already done or set-up, I don’t have to think about them anymore. These are the easiest things for me right now.

    As time goes on, I’d like to examine our lifestyle more and make more changes. Baby steps…

  2. i think that’s what you have to do. Figure out what works for you during this time of life and then just do it. The point is not what you do, but are you thinking about your role as a steward? Thanks for the comment. Now I wonder if we can get milk delivery around these parts . . .

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