Posted by: spaghettipie | October 1, 2007

Menu Plan Monday (#2)

Okay, here’s what’s cooking at our house this week. I’ll update it later if I can get inspired to figure out what we’re having. . .

Monday – Steak, baked buttercup squash, broccoli
We were supposed to have this last week, but I forgot to thaw the steaks in time.

Tuesday – Fish of some sort, baked yams, shredded beets
I need some new fish recipes! Anyone got one they like? We got fresh beets this past week from the co-op, so I’m excited to try them. It’s been years since I had beets, and I think they were pickled at that (yuck!)

Wednesday – Pasta and sauce, salad
Something quick before we head to Bible study.

Thursday – Dinner at a baby shower (whole family)

Friday – Chicken stir fry with cabbage, carrots, and whatever else is still in my fridge from the co-op

Saturday – Wedding celebration
A friend recently got married out-of-state so we’re attending a party for the newlyweds.

Check out more menu plans at Org Junkie. (Maybe I should too, my menu this week is uninspiring!)


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