Posted by: spaghettipie | September 21, 2007

A Disclaimer

As I’ve embarked upon this stewardship mindshift, I’ve been surprised to have a couple friends confess their difficulties with my endeavor. So today I’d like to make a couple disclaimers.

1) You can’t approach this kind of mindshift with a legalistic attitude. It’s not about creating a list of rules to follow to be a “good” person or to please God. You can’t define your worth or find your value in whether or not you complete your list of actions. The list our family created was a game plan, a starting point. We desired to be better stewards with our whole life, we brainstormed ideas that we thought would help us do that, and we began to implement them to see what works and doesn’t work for our family. If we do or don’t do everything (or anything) on the list makes no difference. Whether or not we are trying to be better stewards of our whole life does.

2) What works for our family may or may not work for any other family. In fact, what works for us now, may not even work for us in a few years. Most likely I imagine you will read the things we are doing and pick and choose ideas you want to try. But I would never want you to walk away thinking I’m creating a prescription for being a good steward. I don’t want anyone to feel condemned by what I write or believe I would think any less of you for not doing the same things I am doing. (And please let me know if you ever do!) My hope is to encourage you to consider how you are managing the time, resources, bodies, relationships, etc you have been given and consider ways you can improve.

That’s all for today. I’m looking forward to walking alongside each other on this journey.


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