Posted by: spaghettipie | September 13, 2007

An Update on Several Things. . .

1) I received my cloth diapers a few days ago and just completed Day Two of using them. Verdict? I love them! My only complaint is that they are on the bulky side, but I’m going to look into some different kinds to see if it will be better.

2) I picked up my first order of produce from the co-op this week, and everything looks and tastes great! I realized that participating is not a big cost savings on produce in general but is a good deal on all organic produce. My friend and I are splitting a share, and we’ll see if that ends up being the right amount.

3) I’m beginning to look more closely at how I use my time (hence less time on the computer this week). For example, I jump onto email or blogs here and there all day, and I don’t even realize how much time I’ve actually spent online. I’m trying to find ways to be more efficient with my time and track where I’m truly spending it.

I think that’s all for now!


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