Posted by: spaghettipie | August 20, 2007

Stewardship Update

Things continue to go pretty well.

Finances: We haven’t gone out to eat yet (aside from the barbecue we picked up for the party this weekend; but that event was planned over a month ago!), and the temptation is gradually subsiding. I actually didn’t spend any money with my daughter last week.

Time: We really didn’t turn on the television much, although I guess I cheated a little yesterday by catching up on the past three episodes of Last Comic Standing online. (They’ve been behind on posting them!) And we’ve held firm to the two days a week at home.

Resources: I’ve been thinking about our consumption of disposable products more (we live in such a disposable society!), and am determined now to reduce our use of paper napkins, paper towels and ziplock bags. We started using our cloth napkins more already. The rest of this area is going fine. I baked bread today, as well as some pizza dough for homemade pizza. (Michelle, you totally missed out!) While I haven’t posted any new projects, I did complete a mini-project on Sunday: cleaning out my daughter’s toys.

Body: Made it to the gym, and did work out at home. No weight loss as of this morning, though :(. Water and food is getting better, but whoever left dessert at my house in the past four days needs to be punished!

Relationships: Met another new neighbor tonight. Working on the calendar for the next couple months.

I’m starting another blog focused solely on this stewardship stuff, so watch for it in the next few weeks. I won’t be posting as detailed updates here once it gets up and running.


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